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We are asked everyday for sponsorship of community groups, sporting clubs and for donations in contribution to different events & fundraisers.


We would like to be able to support each organisation in their endeavour, however there are community, sponsorship and marketing objectives that each request must meet before being considered. If a request should fall outside of these sponsorship and community guidelines we regret that support will not be considered. Subsequently, budgetary constraints in each financial year means that not all requests will be able to be fulfilled.

All sponsorship applications are evaluated according to the criteria set out below in which you should respond to in your proposal. Timelines can range from 2 to 6 weeks for evaluation and a response will be sent to you in writing once your proposal has been assessed.

In your proposal please be sure to include:

– Business or event name & contact details
– Contact person and their position within the organisation
– Description of the event E.G Annual event, a once only event, a national or local event etc.
– Include a program of events if applicable
– Include a statement on how TASCO Petroleum fits within the organisation’s objectives. EG. Speedway, (fuel sponsor), Caravan Show (oil or fuel sponsor), Field Days (bulk oil and fuel delivery) etc.
– A description on how you might get members, users, participants or visitors to use our Service Stations or bulk fuel depots as their preferred supplier.
– A description on any added value included with the sponsorship EG. Advertising on other media such as radio, TV, print media or advertising opportunities surrounding the event.

Be sure to include all sponsorship details as listed:

– An executive summary of the event
– Proposed date and corresponding location of the event and activity
– A list of other sponsors
– The charity or organisation being supported and what their objective is in the wider community
– A record of the requested sponsorship amount in total dollar value compared to the end dollar investment
– The period of which the sponsorship will be conducted
– The main target demographic of the sponsorship
– Is the sponsorship directed at one particular store, depot or area?
– A forecast of the expected number of visitors
– Any other relevant information that could be of assistance to your proposal


Will TASCO Petroleum be the exclusive fuel sponsor of the event?

– List the number of sales outlets / stall holders at the event
– How is this sponsorship proposal likely to benefit TASCO Petroleum?


Please include where advertising or sponsored media will be placed:

– TV
– Radio
– Local Newspaper
– National Newspaper
– Event program booklets
– Social media
– Event or club website


Please include a full list of hospitality benefits EG. Tickets to the event, catering packages, corporate hosting packages, client entertainment packages


How will we able to leverage off of this sponsorship opportunity?

– If the event is successful, will Tasco Petroleum be offered first right of refusal for future events?


For local sporting clubs, please be sure to include the number of vouchers distributed, and if applicable, the number redeemed in the previous year.

– Please illustrate what grade/age our sponsorship will be used for
– Will our sponsorship be used within a single club or league level?
– It is expected that a time frame will also be put on “on-going” sponsorship EG. 6 months, 9 months, 12 months etc.

Before we renew any ongoing sponsorship, a post season/campaign report is required.
This should include, but not be limited to;

– The number of people at the event, or within the club or league
– The number of advertising or marketing mediums we appeared in
– Monies raised from the event/s
– Photos of the event/s
– When were the funds transferred to the beneficiary?
– A testimonial statement to be used across our different advertising and marketing material from the head of the organisation
– A high resolution logo of the supported charity, club or organisation if possible

All correspondence and proposals should be completed in writing via the Application Form on this page or via Australia Post.

Please address to:
TASCO Petroleum
220 Tenth Street
Mildura VICTORIA 3500