We are committed to achieving and maintaining excellence in environmental care throughout our operations in Australia. Our aim is to continuously improve our performance with the goal of driving operational incidents with environmental impact to zero.

We structure the management of our operations and delivery of leading environmental performance around our Operations Management System (OMS). This provides a structured framework for operational standards of safety, health and environmental protection.

It is a requirement that all of our operations observe the strict systems and practices that flow from our OMS.

We support this commitment to operational excellence through ongoing planned investment in plant and equipment, training and process improvements.

Continuous improvement means continuing to find better ways to perform. With this in mind our Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) organization has implemented initiatives aimed at further improving our environmental performance.

The program is centered on the banner “Protect Tomorrow. Today”. This initiative was developed to provide additional guidance and drive environmental progress in the same way that ‘Nobody Gets Hurt’ drives safety performance improvements.

A culture of operational excellence is embedded throughout Tasco Petroleum, which places the highest priority on the health and safety of our workforce, and the protection of our assets and the environment. Product stewardship also forms an integral part of our licence to operate. We recognise the need to manage products throughout their lifecycle, meeting legal and regulatory requirements and performance expectations, and effectively communicating the necessary information to customers.